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CUBIQZ Clever Cardboard Creations

How it started

CUBIQZ is the brainchild of Cindy van Dijk. As an interior designer, she focused for years on decorating vacant properties. It all started with decorating and selling model homes, to give people an insight into the available space and to create atmosphere. A carpet and some furniture are easy to put down, but a real kitchen is too expensive for that. An unfurnished empty space does not sell, so we came up with the idea to develop a cardboard kitchen. 

From cardboard to concept

That, off course, looked a lot better and had so many advantages. In practice, normally everybody opted for a "safe" standard setup but with the realistic CUBIQZ modules we could play with setups and show all the possibilities of the space. The very competitive purchase price, the delivery of just a few days and the fact that an entire kitchen fits in the trunk of a car, made HomeStaging with cardboard a very interesting option.

And then there was CUBIQZ

The decision to start with CUBIQZ is actually taken in the middle of the crisis. Because of the difficulties in the real estate sector, there were a lot of unsold vacant homes. That created great sales opportunities for us. From this practical experience and own ideas about decorating, we started to create a modular cardboard design concept. As the cubic form is the basis for the designs we gave it the brand name "CUBIQZ".
The cardboard kitchen worked out very well, so we started to optimize the cardboard kitchen modules and soon came the idea to develop cardboard furniture such like sofas, beds and chairs as well.

It all seems so simple: a few cardboard boxes with a fabric cover for it and it's done, but is not that simple. We have thought carefully about sustainability, cost, assembly, and of course transportation. Because the products may be used several times, they must be able to take a beating. In addition, the concept is constructed in a way that all pieces of furniture can be put together with only 10 different box sizes.

Whether it is for the visualization of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms or offices; cardboard proves itself with CUBIQZ as a powerful and clever marketing tool. And now the advantages of the cardboard modules are also discovered by stand builders, stage designers and decorators of pop-up stores.

The ambitions stretch further

CUBIQZ is a unique concept, protected by design registration across Europe. We started in the Netherlands, but now deliver far beyond the borders to Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Poland and Lithuania. Our concept is literally limitless!
We are proud to say that we have conceived, developed and launched the cardboard furniture concept on the European market!

     Cindy van Dijk                                                              Katinka Kolenaar

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