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Home Stagers


The spotlight is on Home Staging nowadays. This provides opportunities and challenges for everyone who is professionally committed to making empty homes / model homes ready for sale or rent. 
And why wouldn’t you take those chances and new possibilities to make your company even more successful?

Until now it was quite a job to prepare a property for a photo presentation or viewing. Dragging heavy furniture, the costs and inflexibility; all making it very difficult for the Home Stager. That is why CUBIQZ came up with a completely new and unique concept: Cardboard furniture for the most inexpensive and optimal presentation of properties! No simple white cardboard boxes, but creating a great ambiance, that is what the CUBIQZ concept is all about.

What makes CUBIQZ unique is that the cardboard furniture is outfitted with photorealistic prints and special custom-made slipcovers in varying colors. So that you always work with up-to-date products and have the possibility to create a different décor each time.

CUBIQZ offers all products to fully decorate a property. Empty (living) spaces are easily turned into realistic kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

Check out the advantages to increase your chance to sell the property.

10 reasons to choose Cubiqz:

  1. The only supplier of decorated cardboard furniture with a slipcover! The diversity in slipcovers makes it easy to follow the latest trends and always work with up-to-date products.

  2. Order 24/7 online whenever suits you best.

  3. All products are in stock. Within 6 working days the order can be delivered at your desired delivery address.

  4. Cubiqz supplies a complete decoration concept for a property: cardboard decoration for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

  5. The complete interior of a property fits in a standard family car (size of a package 120 x 102 x 16 cm) and is thus easy to transport, to assemble and to store yourself.

  6. No dragging heavy furniture. Cubiqz products are simply moved by 1 person.

  7. Create more chances to sell with a cheap purchase: some products can even be used multiple times.

  8. You pay per module; the property can be fully decorated according to personal preferences and budget. Cubiqz is even cheaper than rent, which makes it the most inexpensive way of professional Home Staging.

  9. The products are meant as decorating furniture, but are (because of the use of solid cardboard, cross-braces and ‘’don’t sit’’-signs) fit for placing accessories on, and safe in case somebody takes a seat anyway.

  10. Cubiqz’ innovative concept stimulates the curiosity of the client, which leads to an excellent opening, the possibility to make sharp offers and many pointers to maintain contacts and share via social media!