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Home Staging - the original cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture for homestager

Home Staging | What are the prices and costs for Home Staging?
The costs for Home Staging can vary greatly and depend on several factors.
However, when it comes to kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and office spaces, Cubiqz enables a perfect professional Home Staging presentation in a very cost effective and appealing way:

  • The prices for our cardboard Home Staging products are very affordable compared to real furniture.
  • In addition, the cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture are reusable, so the costs can be spread over several Home Staging projects.
  • No storage costs for the Home Staging furniture and kitchens, because Cubiqz products can be folded into a flat package (per outer carton the dimensions are 120x102x20 cm).
  • Since the lightweight cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture can be assembled by only one person, no extra help is needed which reduces the cost of Home Staging.


Home Staging | Cardboard Kitchens and Cardboard Furniture for Homestagers
Are you a professional Homestager looking for cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture? Are you aiming for the best result and want to create a perfect presentation?
Cubiqz has all the Home Stage products for you!

As a Home Stager you can stage a home in different ways. With real furniture, with cardboard furniture or with a combination of both. We have developed a practical concept for Home Stagers with professional cardboard Homestaging products.
Our Home Staging products are made of "cardboard" but do not look like cardboard because of the photo-realistic prints and custom-made fabric covers. Brown cardboard is an absolute no-go for us, as are visible brown corrugated lines from the cardboard material. Our products are developed by Home Staging professionals for Home Staging professionals. Always with a lifelike, atmospheric appearance as a must.

Buy or rent complete home furnishings for home staging - Cubiqz


Home Staging | why Homestagers use cardboard furniture and cardboard kitchens
Cubiqz Cardboard Kitchens and Cardboard Furniture offer Home Stagers many advantages! In terms of purchase price, profit, assembly and disassembly, transport, storage and reuse:

  • We supply cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and office spaces.
  • Easy ordering in our online shop and fast delivery
  • Flat packed so that a complete interior for Homestaging fits in the trunk of a car
  • Cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture are easy to assemble and install.
  • Do house staging all by yourself without asking for help so less cost and more return on investment
  • You pay an advantageous purchase price and you can stage several houses and apartments with the same cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture.
  • You do not need a warehouse. The packages are only 120x102x20 cm and many staging products fit inside!


Home Staging with Cardboard Kitchens | Staging Homes with realistic looking simulated kitchens!
A Cubiqz cardboard kitchen for staging a home, consists of 30/60/90 cabinets, lower cupboards with a worktop and skirting board, and high cabinets, for kitchen appliances. There is also an extractor and kitchen appliances such as a free-standing cooker and an American fridge made of cardboard. Our realistic dimensions are important, so that the cardboard kitchen looks like a real kitchen! A dummy kitchen that is too small or too low looks very unprofessional in photos and when prospective buyers visit the house. That is why Cubiqz considers it very important that the dimensions are like an original kitchen! For extra stability, the kitchen cabinets are provided with a reinforcement cross.


Home Staging with cardboard furniture | a complete assortment for staging a home.
Chairs, sofas, cupboards, tables, televisions and much more. Add atmosphere, improved acoustics and a lifelike flair to a room with realistic photo prints and fabric upholstery.

We have a huge selection of cardboard furniture. Staging a flat with only cardboard furniture is an option, but a combination of real furniture and cardboard furniture is also very common. For staging a house, flat or apartment, use the "big furniture" from Cubiqz like sofas and cardboard beds and complement them with small "real furniture" and accessories. The results that Homestagers achieve are truly amazing!


Home Staging furniture and kitchens | cardboard modules for Home Staging, house staging or property staging
Are you a home stager looking for furniture for home staging, house staging or flat staging?
Check out Cubiqz's range of cardboard furniture and cardboard kitchens online:

Cardboard kitchens:

Cardboard furniture for living room:

Cardboard furniture for bedroom:

Cardboard furniture for office spaces:


Home Staging tips and home staging ideas | with Cubiqz cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture for homestaging.
Home Staging with Cubiqz cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture offers endless possibilities. As the products are modular, there are many possible applications. Creative Home Stagers even combine Cubiqz products to create a whole new product!

Are you looking for Home Staging Tips and Home Staging Ideas with Cubiqz? We will be happy to provide you with more information and inspiration!


Cubiqz Home Staging Tips | for cardboard kitchen, kitchen made of cardboard

  • For a corner kitchen; build from the corner out!
  • Make sure the lower cupboard boxes are stable on the floor and that each box forms a nice straight square when set up, so that the kitchen as a whole looks very sleek and straight.
  • Reinforcing crosses for the lower cupboard boxes. The boxes are 58.5 cm wide and 60 cm deep. The crosses only fit in one direction. If it does not fit, turn it a quarter turn.
  • Are cut-outs needed for pipes/sockets etc.? You can easily cut a part out of the back of the box with a (Stanley) knife.
  • The box is closed (the top flap = worktop) using the velcro circles supplied. You can then simply open the box again to fold and reuse it after use.
  • High cabinet: Place the top box upside down on the bottom box. The top of the high cabinet is therefore open. This is the only way to make it stable. Then glue the loose printed panel, with the handle down, over the worktop of the lower box. This way the panel does not stick out at the top. Fix the applied panel by pressing the glued edge firmly with your thumbs.
  • Hanging the extractor: Keep a distance of approx. 60 cm between the worktop and the extractor. To determine this size and hang the extractor, simply lay a 60 cm base cabinet flat on the worktop. Place the extractor on top of it. You can now mark on the wall where the concrete hooks should be placed.
  • The hanging parts are suspended using the small concrete hooks supplied.


Cubiqz Home Staging Tips | for cardboard furniture, furniture made of cardboard

  • At the fabric cover, the CUBIQZ label is always on the front of the right armrest. This way you know exactly how to pull it over the chair or couch.
  • Simply iron the fabric cover with a little steam after you have pulled it over the cardboard boxes.
  • When the cabinet consist of stacked boxes, there is only one reinforcement cross in the upper box
  • A 3-seater sofa can easily be converted into a 2-seater sofa or armchair by removing one seat and one backrest. With a loose cover for 2-seater sofa or armchair, you can then make different products out of a 3-seater sofa.
  • LUUCK is a modular furniture system that consists of folded cardboard panels that are connected in a clever way, and therefore offers endless possibilities to assemble the piece of furniture according to your own wishes. Once folded, the cardboard panels are easy to disconnect, transport and reassemble (in a different configuration).


Cubiqz Home Staging Tips | for cardboard bed, bed made of cardboard

  • The headboard of the bed is separate. If you remove this, you will save a few centimetres of space.
  • The individual cardboard modules for the bed can be attached to each other with a small piece of tape if you wish.
  • We recommend covering the bed with bed linen, pillows and possibly a plaid (tip Ikea) for an even nicer result


Home Staging Tips in general - Cubiqz

  • Cubiqz Carry Bag: A practical bag with which you can transport and store your CUBIQZ cardboard furniture comfortably, easily and safely. The bag is completely made to measure so that all modules fit inside.
  • We recommend having the following ready on site: Stanley knive, transparent tape or painter's tape and for the cardboard kitchen: step stool and hammer (for hanging the extractor).


Home Staging Ideas - with Cubiqz cardboard kitchens and furniture
Get inspired by the great home staging ideas homestagers come up with using our products. Find more Cubiqz Home Staging inspiration here.
Read our blog with even more practical tips for home staging, with complete home furnishings from Cubiqz.
Also follow us on our social media channels for more homestaging ideas


Home Staging Course | Become a Cubiqz home stager
Cubiqz is a wholesaler of home staging products made of cardboard or carton. We do not offer a Homestaging service or Home Staging Course ourselves. However, we have been working very successfully for 10 years with many Home Staging Experts who have completed their Home Staging Courses at renowned training institutes for home staging and now have their own home staging agency or Home Staging Business in the UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil and many more..

Although our products are very easy to set up yourself, we recommend a Home Stager. They are professionals in Home Staging and know exactly how to showcase a home to achieve a quick sale at the highest possible price. They also have an extensive range of accessories to decorate a home.

If you enter "Home Staging course, find a Home Stager, hire a Home Stager or become a home stager" in the search engines, you will find several home staging training courses and home stagers in UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil and many more.


Home Staging Training | Home Staging Course with Cubiqz Cardboard Kitchens and Cardboard Furniture
Looking for a home staging course or a home stager? On our partner page you will find an overview of various home staging training courses with which we have a partnership. Most of them already use our cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture in their homestaging courses, seminars and workshops. On the homepages of these home staging training courses (or Home Staging Online Courses) you can easily find a home stager who is active in your area (e.g. Home Staging UK, Home Staging USA, Home Staging Canada, Home Staging Denmark, Home Staging Sweden or Home Staging Brazil) or per city (Home Staging London, Home Staging New York, Home Staging Toronto, Home Staging Kopenhagen, Home Staging Stockholm or Home Staging São Paulo and so on..)

Looking for a home staging training, home staging course or a home stager? Looking for Home Staging with Cubiqz cardboard kitchens and furniture in UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil or other countries? Or would you like more information about our cardboard kitchens, cardboard furniture and our (home staging) solutions? Please fill out the contact form or call us and we will be happy to answer your questions.