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CUBIQZ assistance for realtors


You own a property (existing or new) that you want to present optimally for sale.
Cubiqz cardboard furniture can turn an empty property into the most desirable home or office on the market, by transforming it into a living space buyers can see themselves living or working in.
Furniture is important in communicating the “feel” of a property and for giving property buyers perspective on the size of rooms.
We would like to think along with you because the possibilities of the Cubiqz cardboard furniture concept are endless. 

We would gladly advise you on:

  • kitchen decor
  • living room decor
  • bedroom decor
  • office decor

Cubiqz can design and compose a kitchen, living room, bedroom and office for you. For this, we need a floorplan with measurements and your specific requirements regarding the various spaces.
The costs are 50,00 euro per design. You will receive a map of the proposal, a 3D-drawing and a cost breakdown.

Cubiqz products have realistic measurements and represent exactly the look and feel of furniture in the space.  Unique is our cardboard custom-made kitchen; just like a real kitchen!