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Can anybody order products from Cubiqz?
Yes, anybody can order products from Cubiqz. The simplest way to order is via our Online Shop

Is there a manual for building a kitchen and the furniture?
Yes, there is a manual. The instructions can be downloaded here.

How will I receive an invoice after an online order?
When you have confirmed and sent your order, you’ll automatically receive a digital invoice by e-mail. 

Can I still change my order?
After you’ve confirmed and sent your order, you cannot change it anymore online. For possible changes like adding or cancelling a product, you can send us an e-mail

Can I order fabric samples?
Because of the fast changing colors of the covers, we cannot sent you any fabric samples. You can download the colormap here

I would like to get advice, is that possible?
Yes, we we give advice on the basis of a blueprint, which is always custom-made and if preferred can be provided with a 3D-drawing. More information about assistance you find here. For any request, please send us an email