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What is homestaging with Cubiqz cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture?

What is Homestaging | where does this successful marketing tool come from?

Would you like to learn more about Home Staging. What does Home Staging mean and where it comes from?
We are happy to give you an insight into the world of Homestaging; what Homestaging is, where it comes from and why Cubiqz is such an ideal Homestaging tool!


What does Homestaging mean | where does Home Staging originally come from?
We are often asked the question: what is home staging? Or, what exactly does Home Staging mean? For that we go back to the early 70s, to the USA, when Barb Schwarz entered the world of real estate as an agent. Her background in theatre gave her the idea of staging (putting on stage) real estate. The goal was to create an ambience and present the property as attractively as possible to a broad target group of prospective buyers in order to increase the chances of selling and to sell the property at the best possible price. This is how she founded this type of service and called it Homestaging.

Turnaround in Home Staging| how our idea of "lifelike" cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture changed the world of Homestaging.
In the early years of Cubiqz, the Home Staging market was still in its infancy. Many had never heard of it and could not imagine what Homestaging meant for a quick sale and how Cubiqz would make the Homestager's job easier. Back then, only real furniture was used and a kitchen area could not be set up easily and quickly. In the last ten years, we have completely changed this market with our unique concept: Homestagers would still be dragging heavy furniture if we hadn't come up with this concept. They would still have to make big investments to buy or rent furniture, ask for help to furnish a house and rent storage space. 

But with Cubiqz you can now easily take a complete home furnishing in your car, assemble cardboard furniture and cardboard kitchens all by yourself and simply store them. Simply ideal!

Home Staging costs | with Cubiqz cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture.
Home Staging with Cubiqz costs only a fraction of staging with real furniture. Cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture are very cost-effective:

  • Cardboard furniture can be ordered per piece or as a standard package in the online shop, depending on your available budget.
  • The reuse of the cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture is another reason why Homestaging with Cubiqz costs less. You buy the products and can then use them several times..
  • You can assemble the lightweight furniture on your own. This saves you the cost of extra help and Home Staging costs less.
  • What does storage cost for the Home Staging products? The cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture are easy to fold again thanks to the tuck-in flaps and velcro. You can simply store them in the outer packaging or in a Cubiqz Carry Bag at home or in the office; so no storage costs!

Apply Home Staging? | 10 reasons to choose Cubiqz:
This is how you increase your sales opportunities:

  1. The only supplier of decorated cardboard furniture with a slipcover! The diversity in slipcovers makes it easy to follow the latest trends and always work with up-to-date products.

  2. Order 24/7 online whenever suits you best.

  3. All products are in stock. Within 6 working days the order can be delivered at your desired delivery address.

  4. Cubiqz supplies a complete decoration concept for a property: cardboard decoration for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

  5. The complete interior of a property fits in a standard family car (size of a package 120 x 102 x 16 cm) and is thus easy to transport, to assemble and to store yourself.

  6. No dragging heavy furniture. Cubiqz products are simply moved by 1 person.

  7. Create more chances to sell with a cheap purchase: some products can even be used multiple times.

  8. You pay per module; the property can be fully decorated according to personal preferences and budget. Cubiqz is even cheaper than rent, which makes it the most inexpensive way of professional Home Staging.

  9. The products are meant as decorating furniture, but are (because of the use of solid cardboard, cross-braces and ‘’don’t sit’’-signs) fit for placing accessories on, and safe in case somebody takes a seat anyway.

  10. Cubiqz’ innovative concept stimulates the curiosity of the client, which leads to an excellent opening, the possibility to make sharp offers and many pointers to maintain contacts and share via social media!

     CUBIQZ Home Staging with cardboard furniture in progress    CUBIQZ Home Staging with cardboard furniture 1,2,3 and ready!



Buy or Rent Home Staging Furniture | Cardboard Kitchens and Cardboard Furniture - Cubiqz
Would you like to buy or rent Cubiqz products for homestaging?
Since the cardboard kitchens and cardboard furniture can be reused, buying home staging furniture is much cheaper than renting it!

Click here for Cubiqz cardboard kitchens

Click here for Cubiqz cardboard furniture for living rooms

Click here for Cubiqz cardboard furniture for bedrooms

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