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Cardboard furniture



CUBIQZ is a modular faux furniture system consisting of plain cardboard module(s), outfitted with an exclusive tailored slipcover in different colors and designs or a unique photorealistic printed cover in colors white and oak white wash.

LUUCK is a modular furniture system that draws inspiration from the timeless shape of a cube. Consisting of cleverly folded and connected cardboard panels which offer a range of possibilities to customize the layout of furniture according to your needs.


  • Plain cardboard modules
    Coffee table/hocker/side table/dinner table/pillar/desk/shelving units/dresser.

  • Cardboard modules with tailored slipcovers:
    The latter can be used separately or could become a chaise longe when situated beside the couch

    Please note that all slipcovers with a colorname are in stock. 
    Slipcovers with a colornumber have a delivery time of several weeks with a minimum quantity of 4 pieces (except stool and pouffe, a minimum purchase of 8 pieces applies here)

  • Cardboard modules with photorealistic printed covers:
    TV-table/flatscreen tv/dresser/fireplace/wardrobe.

  • LUUCK plain cardboard modules: 
    Side tables/coffee table/shelving units/desk.

A living room consists of a composition of carboard furniture and can be decorated according to your preferences. The pieces of furniture and the amount of pieces you choose, should suit the available space. We advise you to draw a map of the envisioned living room layout beforehand. Then choose the specific pieces of furniture and add it your shopping cart.

Check out the possibilities of complete living room setups (packages) that we have created for you. You can select from small living spaces and large living spaces. Start by checking which type of package is best suited for the available space. You’ll find living room setups with different measurements here.

The cardboard furniture can all be placed in any order you like. The realistic measurements, make it easy to fit the pieces in everywhere and combine them with existing furniture. The standard composition can be extended by adding extra cardboard furniture.

We advise you to decorate the carboard furniture with real (light weight) accessories and cushions for an even better result. These items are reinforced with a cross-brace.
If desired, an accessory kit can be added to the order.

It is important to know that cardboard is a natural product. Cardboard is sensitive and may show small permissible variations within the high quality standards we set, such as small variations in quality, printing, colour, design, weight and size.

Do you already have a slipcover, and would you like to replace a cardboard module? Click here to order one.