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Cubiqz BASIC kitchens are composed of cardboard modules with photo printed covers.
This BASIC version is provided with a kitchen print on one side (front and top) and is available in 2 prints/colors: 

  • Handleless kitchen: white with wooden worktop
  • Kitchen with handle: white with granite worktop

A CUBIQZ Cardboard kitchen consists of
30/60/90 closets; lower cupboards (including a countertop and baseboard), higher cabinets (for appliances) an extractor and other devices; just like a real kitchen. Additional cross-braces improve the solidity of the 30, 60 and 90 cm lower cupboards. 

We advise you to draw a map of the envisioned kitchen layout beforehand. Then choose the specific cabinets and finally add the preferred devices to your shopping cart. 

Check out the possibilities of complete kitchen setups (packages) that we have created for you. You can select from straight kitchens, corner kitchens and island kitchens.

We advise you to decorate the carboard kitchen with real (light weight) accessories for an even better result. If desired, an accessory kit can be added to the order.

A CUBIQZ kitchen is easy to build. This is how it works: Watch here the YouTube video