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This standard composition concerns a straight reversible cardboard kitchen 330 x 60 cm.

The KITCHEN CABINETS are REVERSIBLE: The frontside and backside of each individual cabinet have a different colour & design. Buy ONE kitchen and create TWO different kitchen designs, by simply turning the box.
The photorealistic kitchencabinet designs are printed directly on the box. The sides of the box are printed in a uni matching color.
Including cross-brace for a solid, stable and shape-retaining construction.

The WORKTOPS are REMOVABLE: The worktops are modular and available in different prints. Thanks to the handy velcro closure system you can easily open/close it. Choose one or more worktop colors with your order so that you can mix & swap and create many cardboard kitchen variations.

Due to the modular system, the individual kitchen elements can be placed in any order you like. The standard composition can be extended by adding extra cardboard furniture.

Create space for conduits etc. with the so-called "CUTTING BOX" (60 cm)
We understand that you will find it a waste, to cut the beautiful boxes to create space for conduits etc., therefore we created The "CUTTING" BOX , which is very attractively priced. There is ONE piece available per order. This box is not part of this setup and can be ordered separately in our Online Shop.

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This standard composition concerns a 2-in-1 reversible straight kitchen 330 x 60 cm,

1x Lower cupboard 30 cm:
2x Lower cupboard 60 cm:
2x Lower cubboard 90 cm
1x Extractor:
1x Sink:
1x Ceramic/Induction Cooktop
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