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Assembly and Installation

assembly and installation cubiqz cardboard furniture                 assembly and installation cubiqz cardboard kitchens


CUBIQZ products are easily assembled and installed.
The packages are delivered in a master carton.

The cardboard modules will be folded and taped by you, with tape that is already applied to most of the boxes. 
Depending on the product, the boxes are outfitted with a photo printed cover or a slipcover. Some are reinforced with a cardboard cross-brace.

Building the LUUCK takes more time than our regular CUBIQZ products. You can choose to fold the cardboard plates into panels yourself or CUBIQZ can pre-fold the cardboard panels at additional cost. 

The following is added to the package for the assembly of the product:

  • Instructions for building CUBIQZ kitchens and/or furniture
  • A drawing of your ordered kitchen composition (if known by us)
  • An overview of your ordered cardboard furniture
  • Nails for attaching the hanging parts (kitchen)
  • ‘’Don’t sit’’-signs. We advise you to place these on furniture and beds!

We advise you to have the following products available when installing the CUBIQZ cardboard furniture:

  • Stanley knife
  • Transparent tape
  • Stairs (when installing a kitchen)
  • Hammer (when installing a kitchen)

Click here to download the assembly instructions

Click here to download the ‘’don’t sit’’-sign