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Freestanding Cardboard Bar 124 cm, exclusively designed for Cubiqz cardboard kitchens. This contemporary addition is compatible with all BASIC and REVERSIBLE Cubiqz cardboard kitchens.

The freestanding cardboard bar is available in White Marble, Nature Stone Grey & Woodprint. The freestanding bar not only makes the kitchen space even more attractive by showcasing the possibilities of additional countertop space but it also visualize a stylish place to sit, eat and work.

Made of five prefabricated parts that effortlessly slide together, this bar is perfect for displaying lightweight accessories / decorative items.

Enhance your Home Staging project with this unique freestanding cardboard bar 124 cm, infusing a contemporary and stylish element into your Cubiqz cardboard kitchen's overall design.

Assembling, storing, and reusing the freestanding cardboard bar is very easy, making it an ideal choice for ✔️Home Staging ✔️Kitchen Staging ✔️Simulation purposes.